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Concerned for your child’s health and well-being? Please click the following video to see the greatest reason for you to get your instrument on a regular cleaning schedule no matter if you choose to do it or have Marrell Instrument Repair Ultrasonically clean it!

Health Video: “Sound” Advice

Definition of Woodwind and Brass Repair Services

  Available Services  


Play Condition Repad
Brass Ultrasonic Cleaning UC Plus


Play Condition

Reseat pads as needed, rough out minor accessible dents, replace key corks as needed, regulate key mechanisms, play test, oil and regulate, and cleaning of mouthpiece, neck or head joint as applicable. Cost of parts not included in the service price. Prices may be higher if additional parts such as springs, pads, tenon or head corks are needed.


Replacement of all pads, tenon corks, key corks, felts. Springs replaced as needed. Mechanical adjustments and realignment, accessible dents removed. Instrument is cleaned and oiled.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning of horn body, slides, valves and mouthpiece in environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Reassemble, lubricate, oil, new corks, and felts. Springs replaced as needed. Valves/rotors cleaned, levers restrung.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Plus

Includes Clean-up plus removing easily accessible dents.Additional charges added for parts, excessive dents, stuck side and valve work.

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Keeping the Musician in You Playing Effortlessly

  • Repairing woodwind, brass and orchestral strings
  • Most repairs done in 2-3 days
  • Pick up/delivery available for bulk repairs
  • All brands serviced
  • Repair services range from minor play condition to re-pads and overhauls.
  • All instruments are played before leaving the shop to assure the best sound.
  • Instructions on care and handling of all instruments available upon request
  • Affordable monthly instrument rental rates.
  • Maintenance repair plans available
  • Estimates are given on-site.
  • We are unable to do phone estimates.
String Repairs 

Sharon Fixing

String Repair Service

We offer service work on cracks, open seams, bridges, soundposts, broken necks, pegs, and nuts.




Guitar Repair Service

Setups are available along with string replacement; electronic work; bridge, and nut replacement.